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About Us

TIANTAI CELLULOSE CO.,LTD is cellulose ether manufacturer in China,specialized in cellulose ether production,Based in Shandong China, total capacity 20000 ton per year.
Our products including Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC), Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose (MHEC),Hydroxyethyl Cellulose (HEC),Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose (CMC), Ethyl Cellulose(EC), Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP) etc ,which can be widely used in construction, tile adhesive,dry mixed mortar , wall putty,Skimcoat, latex paint, pharmaceutical, food,cosmetic,detergent etc applications.

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Our Advantages

Professional cellulose ether manufacturer from China.

  • Product Range

    Product Range

    We can provide all series of cellulose ethers,industrial,food and pharma grade,meet the customer requirement of different applications.

  • Professional Personnel

    Professional Personnel

    We have experienced specialist who are working in cellulose ether field for many years,can provide good after-sales service to customers,can answer customer questions within 24hours.

  • Stable Quality

    Stable Quality

    We are applying the advanced DCS control system , which guarantee the stable quality for different batches.With sufficient capacity, we can guarantee the stable supply to customers.

our products

Focus on Cellulose Ethers


  • Dry powder mortar and its additives


    Dry powder mortar is polymer dry mixed mortar or dry powder prefabricated mortar. It is a kind of cement and gypsum as the main base material. According to different building function requirements, dry powder building aggregates and additives are added in a certain proportion. It is a mortar buil...

  • The high viscosity of cellulose ether can improve the water retention performance of gypsum mortar?


    Viscosity is an important parameter of cellulose ether performance. Generally speaking, the higher the viscosity, the better the water retention effect of gypsum mortar. However, the higher the viscosity, the higher the molecular weight of cellulose ether, and the corresponding decrease in its so...

  • Simple test method for hydroxypropyl cellulose ether products


    1. Cellulose ethers (MC, HPMC, HEC) MC, HPMC, and HEC are commonly used in construction putty, paint, mortar and other products, mainly for water retention and lubrication. it is good. Inspection and identification method: Weigh 3 grams of MC or HPMC or HEC, put it into 300 ml of water and stir u...

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